(Or, I had a little talk with Jesus)

Dr., I had a conversation with the Lord last night. It was so enlightening…. Am I nutty, or is that alright?

Implication of this insinuation: Well, I suppose it might not be all that unusual. Moses talked with God. Perhaps if you told me about it….

Well, I awoke at about 05:00 AM this morning, and this was running through my mind: Last night at a friend’s house during a Bible study, we were asked to meditate on Eph. 3. 20.  To paraphrase, it said that because of the power of the Holy Spirit in me, God works (with me to do) more than I can possibly think or imagine. Then, looking for why Paul said that, I saw in Eph. 2 in the last verse that we, Jesus’ disciples, are built up into a holy dwelling place, i.e., my body is the temple of  God. That is why I began to talk with the Lord. It went something like this:

Uh, God, if you and I and I live in the same house, can I ever go where you will not be? I mean, don’t you ever leave the house?


But I might want to go somewhere and do something within which you won‘t want to participate.

Can’t leave. Don’t you remember that we made a covenant together and you said you always would want to have me with you? I promised that I would never leave you nor forsake you. I don’t break my promises. I told you that there was no place you could go that I would not be there, regardless of where it is.

But where I want to go might cause the house to become very dirty. Would you want to live in a filthy house? I thought there were times that I could just drop you off at some parking place while I did my dirty deed and return to pick you up later.

While it is true that I am too holy to look upon sin, I am still there, even though I must close my eyes, look out the window, or busy myself in intercession for you. But I never slumber or sleep. I can tell you that I do grieve during those times.

But the house becomes so dirty. Who is going to do the house keeping? (Aside, surely He doesn’t think that I can clean up the filthy sin that I have wallowed in. It stinks. It’s awful.

You are to clean the house. I will help at times, but as I have told you, in my name you will be doing a lot of house cleaning, even for other people.

Uh, Lord, how is that? If I am the one who made the mess, how can I clean it up when such sins, even you have said, are worthy of death….I’m so ashamed.

It’s in My book, 1st John 1.8, you can’t say you have not sinned. You are to be commended there, when you have not denied it. But verse nine tells you how to clean the house; the broom and mop to use is called “confession”. When you confess your sins, I have promised to forgive and to cleanse (our) house. It’s not through your simply changing your behavior. I only clean when you are sorry enough to genuinely want to be forgiven and are convicted, then confess in repentance. That is my part of the house keeping.

You mean, no broom or mop, no scrubbing? I think I understand, but what about when the house has become so adulterated that it is structurally unsound, as when I am sick or diseased? I know there are times when I will need some outside help. Can I or You call in someone, such as medical doctors?

I have some “handy dandy helpers”, they are sometimes medical people, but first I have others that I call “ministers of the gospel.” Or even other “normal” but gifted covenant “friends”. You might remember that I have other sheep in other flocks and many are for just that purpose. You are also one of those “handy dandy helpers”. I will send you to help clean another’s house. It’s in My book, Mark 16, “In My name you will heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cause the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk.” Also, whose sins you remit will be remitted, and whose you retain will be retained. The baptism with the Holy Spirit makes you eligible to do that. He gives the gifts (abilities) necessary for such cleansing, I Cor. 12.

I can see it, Lord. You and I in the same dwelling working together, and beyond what I can imagine or think, abundantly more can be done. But, might I agree with Eph. 3.21, that you will be glorified in it all?

Rx recommended for anyone who will believe: Take these 3 gos-pils and call me in the morning: 1. Call on the Lord while He may be found. 2. Enter into the everlasting covenant with Him as a Friend with a friend. 3. Rejoice evermore.



Lyndel C. Barnes


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