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Tattoo or You,

Dr, does God speak about Tattoos? A Christian writer, William M Sudduth, Sr. wrote of The Dark Side of Tattoos, published in Charisma  & Christian Life magazine and further reported in The End-Time Handmaiden’s publication, May 2010. He convinced me that tattoos have heathen beginnings and modern connotations. What about these modern days when so many are  getting  tattoos in proliferation? Should a Christian fore-go a tattoo?

A look at the position he took: Yes, God did speak against being tattooed. Mr. Sudduth quoted Lev 19.28, “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord” (NKJV). “When God first gave this command to the Israelites, He was drawing a line of demarcation between His chosen people and the Egyptians and the Canaanites. Both were steeped in witchcraft  and the occult.  Both openly worshiped and served demon gods, and used tattoos as part of their idolatry and pagan worship.”

My testimony, but not only: Joining the US Navy, one of  the “rites of passage” was thought to be to get a tattoo. It was, after all, the “mark of being a salt water sailor???”. However, during basic training a Chief Petty Officer  discussed such in his orientation to the new “Boots”. “I did not get a tattoo. My thinking was that in later years I might not think it the right thing to do.” I have  been thankful for that Chief ever since. I believed he acted and spoke with wisdom. Many of my shipmates did however, and many in later times have tried to get them removed. Reasons:  embarrassments, sinfully erotic and symbolic and in inappropriate places,  names no longer embraced, garish “artwork”, juvenile, no longer relate to the excuse for the tattoo, disfigured my body, etc.

The besmearch of the research: Sudduth in 2003, while ministering to the Maori people in New Zealand realized he said, that they had tattooed and carved their bodies to look like the demons they worshiped and/or to gain the power thought to be in the demons.  For two years he began to study “the origins and history of tattoos and piercing of Pacific Islanders, native Americans, Europeans,  Mid-Easterners, Asians and Africans.” Even Hebrew shrine prostitutes did the same. In my far Eastern travels with the US military,  Gargoyles, are seen as symbols of  a way to appease or fight off demon spirits. American theaters use them for decoration and symbols of promised entertainment. People buy statues, icons, or other emblematic “artwork” to decorate their homes. Sudduth said, “I discovered that all primitive cultures throughout history subscribed to some form of body modification or mutilation, usually involving tattoos and/or piercing.”  Even Christians have/are having “Christian tattoos” while others emulate them to “relate”, thinking that such emulation helps to influence them for Christ???

The fitness of Christian witness: Those who Minister deliverance from demon activity have had to deal with the demon spirits allowed in by an unsuspecting person. My assistant in Korea, a born again Baptist, was fighting immoral influence from his friends. I learned that he read the daily horoscope,  “but I don’t believe in it, it is just for fun.” A person does not have to play in a mud puddle to get filthy dirty, he need only walk through one.  There are “socially acceptable” activities and  organizations that when researched own Lucifer as the god they worship. The emblems displayed are very telling. Be warned. Seek the Lord and research before committing yourself. Tattoos or taboos? Tattoo or You? For a sin free life wash/saturate yourself with God’s word, it will keep you safe.

Rx for life: Thou shall not make unto thyself a graven image or any such thing,  It will not lead you safely to the Good Shepherd’s fold. See Exodus 20.1-5ff. Any likeness of  any created thing will distract from the Creator who is blessed forever, amen. Who or what is your Lord?


Lyn Barnes, DMin, CH(LTC) USA Ret, MOG

Lyndel C. Barnes

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