IS IN TO IT: The Controlling Spirit


Singing new circumstances


Dr, you seemed to have some insight into one’s non-peculiar circumstance  of  being unable to manage a  controlling spirit, either that possessing another person or  self. Is there more that one can know and do about such?

Yeah, sing, you ugly thing. We are talking about being in an environment wherein one’s sins return, a  haunting spirit,  if you will, and can’t seem to get it under control. Paul and Silas were in jail because they were  telling people of Jesus and how to be saved from  the wages of their sins. The picture is of Silas in the  corner and Paul leaning against a wall at the door.  Silas begins a conversation: “Paul, those people got kind of excited over  us. They didn’t seem to like us too well. I think they would have  hurt us if something had not stopped them. I wanted to tell them ‘where to get off’.’ ”  Paul speaks up. He did not like the way things went in the argument with the antagonists either.  He had a few “smart answers” he could have used, but was prevented because someone called “9/11”.

Yes, time to sing, you ugly thing. As Silas was speaking, Paul had an urging of the Spirit: “hold it Silas,  I feel a hallelujah coming on.” They both caught the urging and began to sing hallelujahs to the King.  Now back  to the controlling  spirit. When in a combative confrontation, and one’s “last word” can’t stop that spirit’s  strong will and the circumstances are ugly, one can sing a set of new ones. Sing you ugly thing. As Paul and Silas sang, the Father was holding court with the angels  in heaven. Those hallelujahs had wafted out of the jail, down the street, up through the stratosphere, the ionosphere, the troposphere,  the what’s it sphere,  and on up  to  heaven.

The result of the consult: “Hold it angels, something is happening down on earth.” But Lord God, something is always happening there.” “Yes, but this is different.”  (As you know, the heaven is God’s throne and the earth is His footstool.) He began to tap His foot to the singing. The rhythm began to shake the earth and it set up an earthquake. The shaking caused the chains to fall off of the prisoners  and shook the jail doors off heir hinges. You know the rest of the story.  He result of the whole affair was that the jailer and his family were saved. What will the results be for us?

The end of the blend: Can you see that if one dislikes  the circumstances, sing a set of new ones?  Secondly, what is needed is a great peace during, and victory over “conflictions”. The Lord’s word here, is Isa 26. 3, “Thou wilt keep him in  perfect peace, whose  mind is stayed on Thee because he trusteth in Thee.” So how does one keep one’s mind on the Lord so that He can give that perfect peace?  Practice the principle of Praise to the Lord. When the focus is on Him, it won’t be upon the adversary, a problem  or adverse circumstances.  Am I right about it? Songs, hymns and protestations of praise should be continued until the peace comes, leaving only love for the adversary. Trust me.

So my brother, what other thing can I do? The Holy Spirit speaks to us by speaking into our  thoughts. (See Prov 16.3, Jhn 14. 26, and Jhn 16. 13-15.) Jesus said that He only did what the Father showed Him. Ah Ha! My prayer is that the Lord will hear from the Father and reveal to the Holy Spirit who will then reveal to me, what else I can do. The question many ask is, “Lord what will you have me do? In another discussion of such a topic,  The question was about EXPERIENCING DIVINITY. See my web site. It is not so much, “what does the Lord want me to do?  He does  not USE people just because He can, and not in a sense that we might think of being used by someone. Rather we should seek to work alongside the One who has called us friends. “Take my burden upon you and learn of me, My yoke is easy and my burden  is light,” He said. It is He in me and I in Him, working together.  Maybe what is needed is a new ME and a new YOU.  Take these 4 Gos-Pils  for life: Rx 1. Believe the Lord. Rx 2. Follow through. Rx 3. Sing yourself a new set of circumstances and rejoice. Rx 4. Wait upon Him. He will not let you down as you trust in Him.



Lyndel C. Barnes

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