A New Year Is Near



A New Year Is Near


Dr, The harvest is over, the winter is upon us and the many are still not saved. How then shall WE live? Should we expect to see or realize anything any different than it has been during all the millenniums past?

For the New Year, shed no tear. No, we should expect nothing different than what we have known. Witness Jonah’s time. Despite his warning, life was business as usual. I once asked the Lord to allow me to see into the Kingdom of Haven. I found myself looking over a doorway transom. It was the same on one side as on the other. It occurred to me that the Bible seemed to verify such: “What you bind…loose on earth will be bound…loosed in heaven.” See Mt 16. 19; and, arguably, “as He is, so are we in this world” (a mirror image), See 1 Jn. 4.17. Yes, we are on the cusp of a new year, 2012 AD (Anno Domini: the year of the Lord, also known as CE, the Common Era, so called by the Jewish people’s accounting). Oh, how then, how then shall WE live? The Jewish year began on 2 October 2011, and is now the year 5758, according to the numbering of the Lunar year. A Lunar year is about 12-13 months, a Lunar month being 29 and 1/2 days. See the Jewish calender information on the internet. But read on.

The swivel year is a civil year. The western and accepted start of the new civil year is of course, the first day of January. The Jewish civil year, rosh ha-Shannah , the head, or first, of the new civil, year, Sept. 16 in 2012, also has new promise for a Jew. It is celebrated for 10 days. During that time, he searches his heart to determine if there is sin needing repentance. He then can search for and do deeds that will count for his name being written in the book of life for the coming year. There are those who would “work their way unto salvation. But Jesus has already taken care of the way to salvation and thus into the kingdom of God. See John 1.12; Eph 2. 8-10. But read on.

Not to shirk, but to work: One who has believed that Jesus is the Messiah, the one anointed of God to reconcile mankind unto God and to save mankind from our sins and sinfulness has paid the price demanded for sin, i.e., death, He is saved by grace through his faith and is empowered by the Holy Spirit upon receiving the baptism of/with/by/in Him after He has come upon such a believer. See Acts 1.8 and Mk 16.15-20. Therefore it is given that we work/serve our fellow men as emissaries/ambassadors/friends of Jesus as we join Him in a covenant relationship. As we go with Him into the world around us and beyond, we can and do find ourselves doing the works He has done, and is doing even now. It is joy unspeakable and full of glory. We find ourselves being fellow heirs to the kingdom of God and the stuff of the kingdom, being righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. We find our places. But read on.

How then can one continue in sin? Yes, the question is, how can one escape if he neglects so great a salvation? How then shall WE live? It is by taking care to guard our selves so that our lives will honor the Lord who created mankind and who gives us eternal life and who loves us, His created human family more than He loves Himself. What a privilege to walk as He walks, where He walks and where He leads, see as He sees, feel as He feels, hear as He hears, and do the works that He does…. Therefore, as we enter our new year, let us follow along with Jesus, working the works that He works along with Him. But read on.

Rx for life in Christ: Take this gos-pil and call upon the Lord as you live THE LIFE. Let us enter His gates with thanksgiving in our hearts. Let us enter His gates with praise. Let us say this is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice for He has made us glad. He has made us glad, He has made us glad. Let us rejoice for He has made us glad.. Am I right about it? Comments and questions welcome.



Lyndel C. Barnes


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