God’s Judgments are upon Us II


God’s Judgments are upon Us II



Dr,  Should a Christian ask God to do something that has been delegated to the redeemed? Does that apply to ending the judgments upon the world, and if so, to what else?

Rather than abort, I shall make it short: The Bible must answer for us. The answer is in Mark 16. 15-20 and in II Chron 7. 14.  In God’s Judgments I, I cited II Chron 7. 12, 13, and I Kgs 8.  Briefly, God has said that the Church is His  delegated authority to rectify what He has made to happen,  ie., storms, hunger, disease, wars, etc. What we are experiencing in our time is the same thing that God and Solomon discussed in those passages.  Must we not conclude that today is no different than then? I believe that YE S, it is the same. God makes It all happen because of the sins of mankind. He said so, see  II Chron 6. 22, 26, 36, etc.

Hark to Mark: We are to act: “In My name….,” in  vs  17,  believers are told what to do for people’s  circumstances, just as He did in II Chron 7. 14. Why should He do what He has told His people to do? Even though Jesus also said that whatever we ask in His name, He will do it. But  the answer to the question at hand, is, God will not do what He has told the Church  to do: repent in humility and  turn to our Him; seek His face..

Mankind tries to unwind what God Has set in motion. Am I right about it? An example is Global warming, said to be caused by men. Yes we have sinned and mismanaged God’s creation, and men are told that men must fix it. True, but mankind is wont to blame our problems on everything except what God has said is the problem. See on my web site, the discussion titled What Is Your Problem. It is how one perceives the problem, that is the problem. An example, a person needs money:  “too much month left at the end of the money.” One’s  first question should be “what does God say about one’s need for money?” The answer is in whether he is a giver and tither. That’s what God says is the answer to money problems. Mal  3. 8-18.  Who of us wants to believe that? So mankind strives  to find a way to get money., when God says it is because one is cursed for “robbing God”.

Whammin’ the Mammon: Recently I was in a conversation with Paul Pierce at the Church we both attend. He is very interested in and teaches about God’s word regarding money. Mankind, he said, is wasting the mammon, that  which is a necessary part of meeting one’s needs. We are burning up and  whammin the mammon that God has given us and wants us to have. Mammon when personified and worshiped is sinful, but money and other mammon is not sinful unless inordinately “worshiped” as if it will solve all one’s problems. Do what God says to do. Nothing else will solve the problem. One must not say that the cause of one’s problems is other than what God says it is.

Prayer in the lair (congregation): How can two walk together unless they are in agreement? Amos 3. 3. Brother Paul was in agreement that “too many prayers are just a lot of noise.” Why are not more prayers honored and more needs met? Yes, the congregation BURSTS into “prayer” over needs, but if one cannot understand what is being said in the prayer, how can one agree with it. It is when two  agree, Jesus said, that we will be given what we ask. See Matt 18. 18-20.  It is when one at a time prays and others agree that the desire of one’s heart is granted. Why, indeed should God do what He has told the church to do? Am I right about it? Comments and questions welcome.

Rx for spiritual life: Take these two gos-pils for living effectively. Rx 1,  Pro 3.5,6, Trust in the Lord rather than human understanding.  R x 2, Agree with the Lover of your soul. See John 10. 10, He came to give us abundant life and and abundance in life. Am I right about it?


Dr Lyn Barnes, Ch(LTC) USA Ret, MOG, CPA

Email: unfettered.1@juno.com

Lyndel C. Barnes


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