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Dr, I know you have studied the subject of LOVE. We have just celebrated the greatest expression of LOVE the world could ever know, though Jesus was actually born on April 1, 5 BC as per the chronologist, Edward Reese who produced The Reese Chronological Bible. I observe people and listen to conversations and read what is written when love is the topic or adjective expressed, I yearn for reality. I think that it is possible that one can use the term LOVE with a very loose and shallow understanding. Am I right about it?
To firm the term, you are right. It has been a long journey as I seek to understand LOVE. Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to “love God with the heart, mind, soul and strength:” Love: emotionally; Mind: intelligently; Soul (personality): all that one is; Strength; all that you do. As I have put it together the heart has to do with emotions, ie., what one feels emotionally. The substance called love is a pure emotion. Psychologists have said that love is learned. The behavior of love is learned. One does not learn an emotion. He feels it.
A daffi-nition, to give volition: Love Between a man and a woman is that love is a feeling you feel when you feel like you are going to have a feeling that you never felt before. Am I right about it?
The assumption of gumption. So as not to make a mistake, one must use gumption. which is that stuff that if one takes a teaspoon full of and puts it on a hound dog’s nose, he won’t bark up the wrong tree. To make a mistake about love is hurtful.
To love God who IS LOVE: I had a great insight about love and God who is LOVE. Jesus’ prayer that we would all become one with Him and the Father helps here. Can you see that we are talking about a very intimate relationship? To be in Him and He in us is true LOVE. THAT IS WHAT LOVE IS. To know that one loves God is when He loves his neighbor whom he can see. Thus God tells us, “I know that you love Me whom you cannot see because you love your neighbor whom “you can see.” The second commandment tells us the same thing, It is like unto the first, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”. When I can feel what God, or my neighbor feels, can see what God or my neighbor sees, and/or can smell, etc as God or my neighbor does, in the same way and for the same reason, that is being in God and He in me…, and I respond accordingly, !!Love Is That!! Am I right about it? The Holy Spirit effects that. He convicts/convinces one via The Fruit of the Spirit.
The light of insight: Recently, a fellow Christian noted regarding Acts 1.8, “when the Holy Ghost comes upon you…,” reveals that you are “clothed with Him” and also has the idea that you are the clothing of the Holy Ghost. That is the same picture that Jesus gave us when He prayed that we would be in Him and the Father. How much more intimate can one be with the Lord? !!Love Is That!!
To know is to enter: It has been seen that to know has the idea that one has entered into an experience. One has an experiential knowledge. To know one’s spouse is then to enter into a very intimate relationship together. If I can be clear without being vulgar, it is to have an intimate intercourse. Indeed when a theologian speaks of Jesus’ bride being the Church (His body on earth, He in us, us in Him), He could have not given a clearer picture of the relationship of Himself and the born again, redeemed person.
Love and the above: We read in the Bible about the action of LOVE, seeing LOVE as a verb. True, but again the substance of LOVE is the source of the action. The action is not the substance. It is the learned behavior of the qualitative substance called LOVE. See I Cor 13.
Rx for life: So Love Is What? It is being in God and Him in me. Am I right about it? Compare the relationship one has with his neighbor. Comments, discussion, and questions welcome.
Dr. Lyn Barnes, CH(LTC) USA Ret, DMin, MDiv, MS, BS, USACGSC, UACHSCH, MOG

Lyndel C. Barnes


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