Spiritual Theft


Dr, I was sure that God had healed me, but the problem returned, maybe worse. Why? I thought that when God healed a person, it was permanent.
That does seem 
and it could stand analyzing. Since the question was asked, I have been exercised about it. An example of that happening might even approximate an experience of one who reads this. At a recent Healing Seminar, the question was explored by those Apprentices of the Lordattending. It is such an important topic that I felt we really needed to be aware that when healing is ministered to someone, it may not be enough to lay on hands and declare the truth of the Lord’s promise that he would confirm the word with signs following. See Mark 16. 15-20. It should help to personalize a situation with a true story. 
I have never been a static Charismatic. 
I was stationed at Ft Lewis Washington from 1970 to ’72. One day a daughter of a senior AOG Chaplain presented an opportunity for the Lord to manifest healing or show himself mighty to save, heal, or deliver. About 85% of us have a short leg, arm, even an ear, or in her case, one finger on one hand was not the same length as the one on the opposite hand. When a leg is shorter than the opposite, it can be the cause of one’s back being stressed. I have ministered to many hundreds since then who have experienced healing. The Chaplain’s daughter and her Mother watched her finger grow even. However in that same week I learned that the finger had returned to it’s shortness as before. Her mother questioned “Why, I thought that when the Lord healed it was always permanent?”

Bereft because of spiritual theft? The girl’s mother indicated that her daughter did not follow through with her new encounter with the Lord. Perhaps that was the reason she “seemed to have lost her healing.” Or did she not think it important that she had experienced such a “slight” miracle. After all, it apparently did not cause her a particular problem. Was it a case of good seed sown on ground that had no depth and the thief came and stole it away? A dog returns to it’s vomit, a hog to it’s wallow allowing . See Lk 8. 5-18. THE HEALING WAS NOT LOST! IT WAS SPIRITUAL THEFT!
An example from ample experiences: 
While attending Sou. Ill. U and Sou. Ill. Bible College, I was faced with a choice: Go to the Wed. eve Prayer service or study. I was newly licensed minister. I needed the spiritual food at the prayer service, or I would rob myself spiritually and would also rob other people to whom I might minister at the church service or afterward. I need the church and it needs me. That meant I WOULD ALSO ROB GOD. I would be a victim of Spiritual Theft. I also needed to do well as a student.
Saved from my sin, but still wanting my sin: I knew I had to be delivered from smoking. I was experiencing Spiritual Theft. It robbed me physically, mentally, and spiritually. The integrity of my testimony suffered as did the respect of the church family. Even the love of my wife suffered. The dilemma: Smoke the carton I had for the trip I was on or throw the cigarettes away? I devised a plan that would enforce my resolve to be free from the “accursed thing.” Hold each cigarette out the window and sift out the tobacco repeating over and again, “Satan, liar, thief, this drug/addiction robs me of my sense of taste, smell, brain power, and my soul suffers from it. God is also robbed.” It has no place in a new life in Christ. If I excused it, I was allowing Spiritual Theft. To quit was a real fight, but victory was mine. It is the same with any drug.
Man’s sins of the flesh result in not inheriting the Kingdom of God, which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit: See Gal 5. 17-21. Spiritual Theft rules in the works of the flesh. That does not mean no salvation. Only being reborn of the Spirit yields salvation from death. The antidote is the Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5. 17-21). For such character/personality traits of Christ, one needs to ask the Lord that the Holy spirit produce each one and all. As one such as love is realized, another is ready to be joined to it, like a chain. But they are not automatic. One fruit but having nine segments/traits understood to be supernatural, not from by one’s self effort.

Election for spiritual protection: The armor of God is for defense and also protection. The Lord put the outfitters for the soldiers of Christ the church: thefive fold ministry. Each minister or ministry is the outfitter for each of five pieces of armor, i.e., evangelist>>helmet of salvation; prophet>>breast plate of righteousness; pastor>>shield of faith; apostle(missionary)>>feet shod (for going with a message); teacher>> belt of truth. Each and all for preventingSpiritual Theft. The gates of hell will not stand/pevail. See Eph 4.11-32; 6. 10-24.

RX for victorious living: Do not neglect to assemble with the church. Therein are the outfitters or their ministry that protects from Spiritual Theft. Am I right about it? Question/comments welcome. Souls are >>



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