My Damascus Road Experience



Dr Lyn, the congregation exhibited concern when they saw you fall Sunday Morning, 6 January, during the 10:45 service. Then immediately people surrounded you. What happened?

Dear congregation, what a situation it was. I wanted to thank all of you for your concern, the next Sun. service, but the Holy Spirit did not open that opportunity. I know many of you were petitioning the Lord in my behalf. I am equally sure that God hears your intercessions with favor and responds accordingly. When our daughter in Hawaii was expecting a daughter , she was advised to have her aborted. She was told that her amniotic fluid was insufficient and the baby would have spinal-bifida and other problems. Our daughter refused. When we heard we asked every care team coming down the aisle for the next few months until the child was born to intercede for her, along with many friends around the nation. A well-formed and healthy baby was born. God honored your supplications for her. No wonder He has given us a great love for all of you.

My experience and the welcome interference of many of you: I stood against the wall in the tenor section of the choir. I began to feel “light headed,” leaned back, and asked God for help. I blacked out..That is the last I remember until I revived. Jake Valevich of the EMS was checking me out. I recognized Donna Roberson, Pam Epler, Beth Jaramillo, and other nurses (I think) who are members of the congregation, along with prayer warriors in the choir and others were there looking at me. Soon the “we of me”, my Brenda, was there. All were concerned, I know. (But why was someone trying to undress me?) Some one checked for indications of a stroke: My tongue, a simple sentence, my name, my address, my smile, strength…. The EMS had been called and checked my heart, blood pressure…. All OK.
History of the mystery: Within my 57 years as a minister of the gospel, I think I can remember a few times when I am sure the devil was performing according to his job description: “to kill, steal and destroy”. Through two wars, I was protected by angels. I am quite certain of it. An example: during my time in Vietnam, my promises from the Lord were Psa 34. l, 7 and Psa 91. 1, 7. No enemy bullet came near me as far as I know. I asked the Lord to send angels to surround me (Psa 34. 7)., . The devil has yet to succeed but no doubt will continue to try. It is said that one can tell the worth of a person by the quality of his enemy. If pride were not a sin (in any form?) I would say that I am proud that the devil is trying to kill me.

Why me, can you see? A minister is a “word merchant.”. We perform with our mouth. The devil tries to shut a Christian’s mouth. Barring his ability to do that, he tries other methods to shut us up. It is said that “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Jake borrowed my pen to write down information. It was not broken, but bent. I had fallen on it as I bashed into the sound monitor(?) placed at the bottom of the steps to the choir area. Jake tried to assure me that he did not do it. The devil tried to destroy my pen. He failed in that also. I do have a “beautiful contusion” in the area of my shirt pocket wherein was my pen (only hurts when I laugh, but I laugh a lot) I have straightened the pen somewhat so the devil was not successful in that. I still write a lot of THE CHAPLAIN’S BUCKETFULS.

Why dent my pen? Satan had been interfering in my writing up a study, re “Casting out demons.” A copy is available. No wonder he was after me. What should have been a one day effort stretched into several days. Suddenly, an entire page or several paragraphs would just disappear. When trying to print something, the printer would not print. What was going on, Lord? Satan, I recognize your work… As an apprentice (disciple) of Jesus, and as His Ambassador, I bind you and cast you out!
What about the “black out”, my version of the apostle Paul’s Damascus Road experience? There are of course some obvious differences. I have decided upon reading closely the info on two medicines prescribed by my Dr, a Christian, also, and a pastor of a church, who told me Friday prior to the Sunday service, to take a double dose of one of them. Both indicated that such an experience as I had is possible. But not his fault that I was so affected. He did not foresee the result. I remain


Lyndel C. Barnes

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