Decree or Ask?


Dr., when I want to see someone healed or a situation to change, how is one to minister for results? Must I always pray that the Lord will do what is wanted? I know that He gives authority to do as He does, or has done, but how authoritative can I be? Just how is one to minister for desired results? HELP wanted!

YES, HELP WANTED ONE, you are onto a great truth that is missed as so many of us minister. It just so happens that

as I was watching Joseph Prince recently on the TBN network, his message was about the same subject. I have known for some time and have utilized the authority delegated to one who will be bold enough to believe the Lord’s promises and instructions that we are to DECLARE/decree, rather than always asking Him to do what we want or need to be done.

SEE “GOD’S JUDGMENTS ARE UPON US, Should God do what he told you to do?” (on My website, UNFETTERED MINISTRY.COM.) An example of the subject of speaking something into being versus asking God to do what He tells us to do is when the prophet declared that there shall be no rain until he said so. Jesus commanded the wind and sea to “be still”. A king does not ask. He tells/commands that his word be obeyed. I have experienced commanding, with Jesus’ authority, that hurricanes calm down/be still.

WE ARE ALSO TOLD THAT WE CAN ASK THE LORD and he will do what we ask. When one prays, he will often say, “in Jesus’ name….” meaning that he is speaking with Jesus’ authority or by His direction. Also, Jesus said, “what YOU bind…loose on earth, WILL BE bound…loosed in heaven” (Mt. 16.19). Again, “In my name, they shall (not I shall) cast out demons…lay hands on the sick….” (Mk. 16. 17, 18.) Also see Mt. 10. 8.

OUR MAIN problem might well be the same as those who accused Jesus, saying that no one can heal except GOD. After all, how many of us have experiences that prove to us that we DO have such authority?

Rx for life: as you read the Bible, note carefully when you read of being able to do what Jesus did and is still doing. Until one has gained faith that Jesus’ words. and promises are “Yea and Amen” take a risk and speak out. We have as believers, more spiritual authority and dunamis (dynamic) power./abilty than we might think. Comments, questions and discussion welcome.


Lyndel C. Barnes

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