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Jesus warns us that a nation who rejects Him or the messengers He sends to it will be judged and iT will be more bearable for Sodom and Gomorrah than for that rejecting nation. See Mat. 10. God’s people have been rejected and ejected from more than one nation, e.g., Spain in 1492, the same year Columbus was given leave by Spain’s ruling monarch to explore the west. The Jews were expelled because of their relationship with God. The same reason the pilgrims escaped to this continent from Europe. Nothing new under the sun…. Am I right about it? Now our government is rejecting Jesus and convicting Christians of being unlawful.Think also of the nations of the world which are doing the same.

Tell me, is there sufficient evidence to convict you of being too GODLY? Is This the End Time? (Or Tell It Like It Is) What is the world situation, are we in the end time, and what about the war in the Middle East? Unbinding the profusion of your confusion: you don’t have a problem in your concern that something is happening in the world. The fact is that you are seeing an unfolding of more Revelation Knowledge. What you are seeing is directly from God. I also wanted to know what the present world situation is all about. So I asked the Lord about it. Below is what I believe He revealed to me as my thoughts went immediately to scripture prophecies, then to revelation received by Gen. Geo. Washington at Valley Forge in 1777, then to world events, then more recently to the fact that many others are seeing the same thing as I.

Background to world events: Since 1975 (?) when terrorists began attacking USA embassies, the USS Cole, the US Marine barracks, our episode in Somalia, and more recently attacks to include the World Trade Center buildings…, it gets worse, and then we must understand that the war being experienced by Israel is one and the same, we have been in what in all probability will be called THE THIRD WORLD WAR, possibly to culminate in what the Bible terms Armageddon. Scripture: “When the enemy comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard against it,” Is. 59.9. Then to my mind came, “That standard is The USA. There are those who are trying to tear it down, but it must not be, for this is of Me.”

Commentary: Israel split into two kingdoms upon Solomon’s death. Jeroboam persuaded ten tribes to make him king over the northern kingdom, called Israel. Rehoboam, Solomon’s son who inherited the kingdom from Solomon sat on David’s throne over the two tribes of Judah and Benjamin in the south, known as Judea. Rehoboam mustered a strong army to attack the north, but the word of the Lord came, “Ye shall not…fight against your brethren; for this thing is of Me,” 1Kgs.12. 24. I knew in my spirit that what the USA is leading in the Mid-East is from God. I now believe that the furor awakened by the religion of Islam had to be exposed for the following reasons. AN ANCIENT ENEMY of the Jews, stemming from Ishmael , is Islam. The question is why? The enemy that is to come from the north is the Islamic nations. Jerusalem has always been attacked from the North because it is a level approach. Any other would be up a hilly incline. I have believed for years that the Armageddon enemy from the north is the nations of Islam which are the ten nations listed in Ps. 83, but often thought to be the old Roman Empire. Though that flies in the face of millennial scholars who make a strong case otherwise, further exploration gives more evidence that I might be right. The center of evil and the cradle of the earth is Iraq. The spirit of Cain is on the place. He moved to the land east of Eden, the land of Nod, i.e., Iran, (Persia). The strongest Muslim sect of the area is the Shia, now trying to take control of Iraq.

The spirit of Cain was, 1) Murder (Islam is arguably a religion of murder,) 2) plural wives, and, 3) forging weapons of war. Cain’s was a religious jealousy when he killed his brother Abel, a jealousy of personal interests (not of honoring God,) and a jealousy of pride. His descendants have followed after him because of those ancient spirits to be summoned from the Euphrates River (Iraq) in the last days to set about the final destruction of Israel. I recently came to more understanding as I saw Eccl. 1.9, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be.” That is, history repeats itself. Abraham’s first battle (the thing that hath been) was against the unrighteous kings in Shinar (cf the tower of Babel story) from which he rescued Lot, Gen. 14. The last battle will be similar; against those from the same region for the same reason (that which shall be) one which rescues God’s chosen ones. The last battle is of the Lord and He has said He will fight it. There shall be a “rustling in the mulberry trees” causing the enemy to destroy themselves at the battle of Armageddon. The two witnesses: Satan’s effort has always been to rid the world of God’s people and His revelation of Himself (His word).

One scenario would be that these are the two witnesses of Rev 11, which were said to be dead but which came to life again. Jesus said, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the entire world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall be the end,” Mat. 24. 14. The gospel then, is one witness and the preachers, God’s people, i.e., the Church and Israel, is the second witness, in this scenario. Recent events: In America, and sadly in so much of the world, government, anti-Godly people who use legal means, other religions of the anti-Christ spirit, and social leftists are working overtime trying to get the word of God out of our society, and to shut the mouths of the Church. But God’s promise in Rev. 11 is that these two witnesses come to life!

That is, a great revival occurs, which can come at anytime, especially when it seems the anti-Christ has succeeded. In fact, we are seeing a great thirst for God now in many nations of the world such as in Central and South America and some nations in Africa, Korea, and China. When that which is known to be right is said to be legally wrong, and that which is known to be wrong is accepted as right (abortion, homosexuality, etc, ) then the two witnesses, the Church and God’s Word will arise and destroy the enemy with the sword of HIS mouth, and at the battle of Armageddon. When Jehoshaphat was facing a strong army of two tribes of the sons of Lot, which he had by his daughters, and of a tribe called the people of Mt Seir, the word of the Lord guided him to muster for battle, then to praise and sing unto the Lord. As they did that, the enemy turned upon themselves and completely destroyed themselves.

The Lord had said, “The battle is not yours but the Lord’s,” 2 Chron. 20.15. Our task is to proclaim God’s word, show honor to Him, and lift up Jesus that He may draw men unto Himself. We are seeing fratricide among Muslims while other Muslims are drawn to Christ. Geo. Washington’s vision of the danger faced by the Republic known as the USA: He saw “three great perils” come against the Republic. First was the Revolutionary War. Second was war with brother against brother, the Civil War. Third, he saw a war when the US was attacked all across the land from Europe, Asia and Africa by evil people of evil nations. In The America George Washington Saw, a pamphlet available from the Pilgrim Tract Society, Inc., POB 126, Randleman NC 27317, we see what we are now facing. We see how America is affected by this war: an effort to destroy a nation that was founded upon God’s Book and by His people, even as was Israel, the only two that were so founded (?).

The anti-Christ, and one possible scenario: Some say this is a man, either of the Roman Church, or a Muslim. If one or the other, it would be a Muslim, Islam being an anti-Christ religion as is communism, heathen philosophical societies and all other non-Christian religions. I looked at the Complete Jewish Bible, a recent translation produced by David Stern. He has some enlightening “turns of phrase” as he inserts Jewish terms and understanding into the Jewish book called the Bible. Mat. 24. 12, “Many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from the torah.” 2 Thess. 2. 3, “For the day will not come until after the Apostasy has come and the man who separates himself from Torah has been revealed, the one destined for doom. He will oppose himself to everything that people call a god or make an object of worship: do away with God’s Word, God’s people, the Church buildings, and emblems of worship (Witness the ALCU’s legal efforts to that end;) he will put himself above them all, so that he will sit in the temple of God and proclaim that he himself is God.”

This does not have to be a man, but any man, or a nation of men who are intentionally evil, i.e., the Muslim religionists, because they are of their father the devil, being deceived by ancient spirits such as the spirit of Cain, hating God’s chosen ones. Commentary: The farther from God’s word, (His principles, precepts, concepts, His revelation of Himself and of His covenant with us) the farther from God. One becomes his own god (anarchy) and has no further need of the true God. Satan then thinks he has mankind in his grasp, the Book destroyed and God’s people defunct (the two witnesses dead.) But then comes the morning. Christ arose, and the two witnesses thought dead, live again: a great revival!

Moses taught that the word of God should be as frontlets on the forehead and as phylacteries around the arms, but even the Church has gotten farther and farther from God as one can be unless he wraps himself in the word of God. Paul stated that people choose not to retain knowledge (experiential knowledge) of God, and He gives them over to themselves to dishonor themselves and to then self destruct, Rom. 1. Divine intervention promised by God: We are now seeing the Muslim people fighting against themselves in the Muslim nations. Power struggles (a rustling in the Mulberry trees) in the religious, political, and economic arenas will serve God’s will as He decides the battle, as they set about in their power struggles to destroy one another. That the entire battle is of God there can be no doubt. Is it any wonder that there are those who have forgotten or never knew God, deceived by the spirit of anti-Christ, thinking primarily of their own personal interests, would tear down the standard which God raised up against such an enemy?

The attacks upon the US, Israel, and other non Muslim nations, finally followed by the US declaring a stop to it all and going to war to do it, have served to break open, if you will, the mystery of what is to come to pass in these last days. Can you see it? How then can we be saved? Rx: Take these three GOS-PILS and call me in the morning: 1) 2Chron. 2.14, pray, repent, humble yourself before God, and see if He will not heal the lands of God’s people, Christian and Jew alike. 2) Obey the commandment that “thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind soul and strength, and love thy neighbor as thyself, Mark 12. 30-31. 3) Go and preach the gospel to all people, neighbor and alien alike, gentile, Jew, Muslim alike, baptize them (a mark of the covenant with the Lord as they enter into it) and teach them, Mat. 29. 19-20.

Ch(LTC) USA Ret Lyn Barnes, DMin, MDiv, MS, BS, Grad USACHSCH, Grad USACGSC, MOG

Lyndel C. Barnes

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