Fully Armored Flesh


Dr., I feel like the Lone Ranger when I face a needful ministry opportunity. Surely there is something more. I hear people say, “I want all God has for me.” Is there really more that God has for me? I have experienced the new birth by faith, the baptism with the Holy Spirit with the same results as the first Apostles (missionaries) at that day of Pentecost, and have the assurance therefore that I have what they had. I have ministered healing and deliverance many times. The satisfaction that such experiences give is indeed beyond thrilling and awe inspiring. But I still feel that there must be more. Do you have some insight or discernment from the Lord? Inquiring minds need to know.

Dear need to know, Just this morning, I also heard a dear saint say hat she wanted all that the Lord has for her. I suddenly experienced an “inquiring mind” moment.: “Lord, is there really more that you have for me?” I began to feel an emotion that I have come to know….It was from Him. Since I first asked the Lord to let me feel what He feels, see what He sees, and hear what He hears, and for the same reason and purpose, such emotions have been almost ordinary. When in a ministry opportunity and such overcomes me, it has been an earnest to me that God wants to bless, heal, deliver, and to manifest His love. Awesome to be sure, yet, I ask, “Lord do you really have more for me, your personal ambassador, your apprentice?”

Today, I know that I know there is much more than I know or have experienced. In fact, since I first began to produce The CBN Counselor’s Manual in 1976 as a CBN staff member for The 700 Club’s telephone counselors, I can now see how I was being shown/equipped by the Church’s five-fold ministers/ministries of Eph. 4. 11-12 to be one of God’s fully armored Battle Tanks . See my Chaplain’s Bucketful, “Ambassadors For Christ” on the web: unfetteredministry.com/barnes. Rather than being the “Lone Ranger” minister, as I join my Shield of Faith with that of another/others who are ministering, we have God’s Battle Tank. All things become possible as the Holy Spirit’s 9-fold manifestations are revealed to us (I Cor. 12. 8-10). We can see and experience the glory of the Lord more-so than otherwise: the glory with which God crowns (Heb: kabods) his own (Psa. 8. 1-5).

As we agree with each other and with the Lord (Mat. 18. 18-20), we see results that God intended. See Mark 15-20. It is important to know what our target is when we shoot(speak in his name) from our Battle Tank of “faithed ones” united in a knowledgeable prayer because we know the need and feel, see, and hear what God does, for the same reason and purpose, rather than just “shooting from the hip” i.e., simply making a lot of noise, hoping that we will hit the target and God will honor our much “praying(?)” or that we will be honored by people who hear us for our “praying”. I am saying, that barring a “word (revelation) of knowledge or of wisdom,” we need to ask the client what the need is. The much “praying” is too often just “churchiness”. Can you see it?

The lot of my plot herein is to declare in this short space of time, a snippet of the “full counsel of God” as was the apostle Paul’s desire (Acts 20-27). God’s desire is that we be fully armored as we walk in this flesh in the world of need as those who are Jesus’ apprentices and part of his rescue team. See John 3. 16-21. Comments and discussion welcome,

Rx for life: Be not wise in your own eyes, but be filled with the Spirit of truth and Holy Boldness, believing of what Jesus says we can and should do.


Dr. Lyn Barnes, CHLTC) USA Ret, DMin, MDiv, MSSM, BS, USACHSCH, USACGSC, MOG (Minister of the Gospel), CPA(Christ’s Personal Ambassador), Church Elder




Lyndel C. Barnes


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