Jesus Rescue Ops

 CHAPLAIN, Jesus said He came to rescue, not condemn ,,,, What is one to understand about Him running rescue operations? You were a military man. Surely you were involved in rescue operations? HUNGRY ONE.

YES, HUNGRY ONE, Jesus performs rescue ops. They are at once, exciting, far reaching and sometimes, mysterious and all encompassing in scope and circumstances. If one can accept that all things/circumstances/events are fraught with/result in a blessing(s), a rescue op can easily be discerned.

SCRIPTURE BACKGROUND FOUND: These listed will help to see the Biblical basis for our discussion: Jn 3. 17, “God sent His Son into the world, not to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.” I Thess 5. 18, In everything (all events and circumstances) give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Rom 8. 28, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God. to them who are the called according to His purpose.” There are myriads of examples in the Bible, but I will share some personal stories of Jesus’ rescue ops. wherein I was involved while a Chaplain in the Army. These are my “Willie Stories”


Willie at Ft Carson, Colorado in the 5th INF DIV and The 1st BCT BDE: One day at Chapel One, suddenly in burst Willie, a former chapel attendee, but then assigned to advanced training with the Div Support CMD. “Chaplain, they’re after me.” “Who Willie?” “Them,” he said, pointing to his left. “What do they look like?” “Dogs or something,” Willie explained as best he could. Now, either Willie was “blowing smoke” or he was being oppressed by demons. I discerned that it was demonic. What was needed was not judging Willie, but to engage the demons and cast them out of Willie. as one of Jesus’ rescue team, who has authority delegated to His team members. See Mk. 16. 17. “And these signs will follow them that believe; in My name they shall cast out devils.” Willie’s commander later told me that he once asked Willie, “Are you crazy?” Not only did Willie say no, but he re-upped” for Germany, Can you discern the rescue elements in Willie’s deliverance As he believed in Jesus’ promise?

Another Willie had Just returned from Vietnam. His problem was that he had recurring nightmares. While riding as plane guard atop an armored personnel vehicle, he and the SGT with him saw a young boy, maybe 10 yrs old in the road a few yards ahead. The SGT orderd Willie to shoot the boy. WILLIE argued vehemently, “No, SGT, he’s just a kid.” It was either shoot or face court martial. Finally in spite of misgivings, he shot the boy, who promptly fell over and blew himself up. He was there to blow up the APC, which the SGT discerned correctly. I also discerned that the PTSD the lad was experiencing was a demon accusing him of murder. Actually, he had saved the lives of his fellow soldiers. Satan’s job description is to accuse us to ourselves, to God and to one another. Thus, PTSD.

The third Willie was also in VIETNAM when he came to see me, 1968-to 1969 Summer to summer.. His story and fear was of being afraid of being hurt while in VN. When I was preparingfor deployment, I asked God to give me Biblical assurance of His protection. I was led to Psa 34. 7, “The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear (respect and honor) Him, and delivereth them” Also, I was led toPsa 91. 1 & 7, 8, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow or the Almighty…A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it shall not come nigh thee (ie., (not even close. Nothing did)….. Half way through the year I prayed with thanksgiving, and asked God to surround all of he 18 fire support bases of the 54th arty I was assigned to. From that time, none of them were attacked. But Willie after making peace with God, was still afraid of being killed. I told him of the promises I found. I next saw him in the field where his unit with 35 men and seven guns were supporting a VN unit I was at the unit one evening and saw Willie there, He came again with the same fear. “Willie, Be sure to claim God’s promises which I gave you. Lo and behold, that night they were hit with RPG’s, mortar, and small arms fire. Half of the men were wounded. I anxiously searched for Willie in the med units. Did God keep His promises? Yes! PRAISE YOUR NAME Jesus. I found Willie the following week. He was alright. I gave him a big hug, I was really happy to see him and to know that Jesus had made another rescue OP. “Willie, you’re alright Did you claim those promises I gave you?” “I sure did and there was not a round that came within 25 meters of me….” Another lad was standing nearby and he exclaimed,”I prayed too, and none came within 15 meters of me.”


My final Willie rescue testimony occurred in Korea, DIVARTY, 2nd INF DIV, 1973: The CO asked that I and the Dr would do what was needed for a lad who had been killed by Willie _____, his fellow soldier, i.e., last rights. The dead soldier was a “buddy” in the same unit who had discovered a bottle of strawberry wine in Willie’s locker and drank all of it. When Willie learned about it, he became so angry he proclaimed, loudly and often, ”I’ll kill him!” He looked for his “buddy” all day and finally found him in the village in the “Go Go Club.” An angry argument ensued. The “buddy” turned from the bar to sit at a table. As Willie turned his hand found a bottle which he swung, hitting his “buddy” on the head. He was dead when he hit the floor.

I went to Willie the next day. I knew He needed someone like me at that time. He was under guard, being charged with Murder one. I told Willie about Moses, David,and Paul, three of the greatest heroes of the Bible all of whom were murderers, yet who were also three of god’s most important ambassadors after they were saved from the penalty of their sins (death is the penalty for sin.). “I just need to know how to get to God,” Willie tearfully cried. I was able then to act as a member of Jesus’ rescue team and showed Willie Rom 3, 23 & and 6. 23, “all have sinned and fall short…but fhe gift of God is eternal life in Jesus….” Willie asked Jesus to forgive him and to save him from that penalty . As an assurance of God;s promise of forgiveness, The Lord grew one of his legs even with the other. About 85% of us have that problem of a short limb. I have experienced hundreds of limbs growing even as Jesus rescued them as they were thus UNFETTERED.

Both the prosecutor and defense attorney were members of our ARTY unit. “Open and shut” they told me. “The witnesses and the evidence all agree.” At the chapel, our prayer warriors did not know how to pray for Willie but we had been baptized with the Holy Spirit and knew that we could pray in the Spirit, i.e., in a foreign unlearned language as experienced by the first disciples. See Acts 1. & 2. The court martial finding said, they couldn’t find the evidence (it had disappeared.) The witnesses unexplainedly began to contradict themselves. The verdict? 2 years at Leavenworth, $200.00 fine each month , reduction in rank to the lowest grade, but he could stay in the army (which Willie wanted).

I had told the attorneys that God was going to intercede. “Yes, we knew it all the time.” Former unbelievers now believed. What a rescue operation!! WILLIE was unfettered.

My rescue came as a result of believing the promises I cited. As far as I know, no enemy bullet ever came close to me. “Jesus came to rescue Jesus came to save” (the words of a hymn attesting to the fact.)

HALELUJAH, TO GOD BE THE GLORY. Can you discern the elements of Jesus’ rescue’ missions? I’ll be happy to discuss Jesus’ saving work with you any time.



Lyndel C. Barnes

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