Storm Threat Warning


CHAPLAIN, AT THE LIFE GROUP MEETING IN HOMES ON 9-27-15, the question of what went through our minds when we received a sudden storm threat warning was discussed Recent discussions have been that Christians should take end-time warnings seriously.

Are the warnings Biblical or just a scare tactic of the “religious crowd?” What is your view of the subject? As a questioning and listening one…help!

AS ONE WHO IS ALSO A QUESTIONING AND LISTENING ONE, I have for many yeas believed that life’s situations and events that one must cope with have a Biblical parallel or guidance regarding the concerns we have. Old Testament prophets have wrestled with such questions and do also help us with these questions, I have found. What has been, will be again. There is nothing new under the sun King Solomon said. With his question of “Why did/do you, God, bring/send disasters upon us?” God told him, “because of sin.”

Some years ago, when seeking a message for CBN’s 700 CLUB counselors during a training conference, I was led to the prophecies of Amos’ and was struck by the first three chapters. God was warning eight nations that disasters were coming to them because of their sinfulness. Amos was given this regarding God’s plans: “But SURELY THE SOVEREIGN LORD DOES NOTHING WITHOUT REVEALING HIS PLAN TO HIS SERVANTS THE PROPHETS.” (AMOS 3. 7.) With that WORD from the Lord, my next understanding in seeking answers to our question: “What preparations should we make if we are being warned and how can we know we are hearing from the Lord? How does He speak to us?”

The Holy Spirit manifestations tell us: Words/revelations of knowledge, words/revelations of wisdom and prophecies. If I acknowledge God, not leaning on my own understandings He directs my thinking and actions (Prov 3. 5,6). How does God speak to me? He speaks into my thoughts (Prov. 3. 5,6) and prompts me if I am thinking askew (Prov 21. 2). A word of knowledge comes to me in the form of a phrase, or a mental image, or a thought, or a reminder of the Lord’s teaching (John 14. 26). If someone has no experience or doubts that he is receiving from the Lord, he should take a risk that it is such.

God will prove it if from Him, ie., the proof is in the pudding. Therefore, as I listen and seek for warnings of a coming storm or other disaster, I shall know if it is of the Lord. Comments and questions welcome.


Lyn Barnes, CH(LTC) USA RET; DMin; MDiv; MSSM; BS, CGSC; CHSCH; MOG (Minister of the Gospel); CPA (Christ’s Personal Ambassador); Church Elder

Lyndel C. Barnes

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