The Feast of Tabernacles

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What does the FEAST OF Tabernacles celebrate?

What meaning does the feast have for the world today?

Update of the seven feasts that Israeli males were commanded to celebrate in Jerusalem. As I write this, today, 9-18-2010 is celebrated as the Feast of Atonement, also known as Yom Kippur, beginning at sundown. It is a one day feast. It is a feast with the understanding that onlyacceptable blood will suffice as a sacrifice before God for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus’ blood is that of the only Mediator between mankind and the Father whose blood (life is in the blood) is acceptable: ie., a life must die in order for new life to come forth.

The model is the seed of a vegetative plant, or a man’s seed upon conceiving a child. Yom Kippur is celebrated 7 1/2 months into the religious year, which begins on Passover (14 April on an ideal Jewish calendar). Atonement marks the time in the womb when the child’s hemoglobin is its own and it no longer needs to depend upon its mother’s. The Book of Jonah is read; he was swallowed by a large fish, but disgorged onto the land (think of Jesus rising from the grave). Judgment is passed upon men but mankind can abandon evil ways and turn to God, enter into covenant with Jesus and live. (much of the following was recorded in a Publication named Israel My Glory, 1991.) Tabernacles is also known as the feast of in gathering, or Sukkot, or the feast of booths. celebrated in the Hebrew month of Tishri. This year, 9-28-2015. Solomon’s temple was dedicated and inaugurated at the feast of Sukkot, the festival that speaks of dwelling, wrote Mark Robinson in an article, Feast of Tabernacles, Israel My Glory, August/September 1991.

Lasting for seven days, the Feast took place after the fall harvest. Families traveled to Jerusalem as many do today, to present their offerings before the Lord, then at the temple, now…? Israelis were to dwell in booths after the exodus from Egypt for seven days. The booths, not completely enclosed reminded them to look to God for their sustenance and source of security. The priests chant therefore with joy shall we draw water out of the wells of salvation (Isa 12.3). Also see John 7.37. From the pool of Siloam, a priest with a golden pitcher withdrew water and returned to the temple with many shouts and sounds of joy and chanting by other priests. He went to the altar above which was one bowl for wine and one for water. The liquids were mixed. The liquid flowed through tubes and deposited in an underground passage. Priests with palm and willow branches would march around the altar. A Levitcal choir sang,we beseech Thee, O Lord, save now… make us now to prosper. The seventh day: The priests marched around he altar seven times, and beat the ground with their willow branches. This day is referred to as Hoshana Raba, the great day of a call for help, believed to be the last day of judgment started with the Feast of Trumpets, or the close of the judgment of the world.

As per Numbers 29.35,the eighth day concludes with a feast called Sh’mini Atzerd, though technically a separate holiday. Tabernacles remains the most joyous of the festivals. The end of the Wilderness wanderings ismarked with this feast. As I understand it Jesus is expected to be the welcome guest, as the feast is fulfilled on the same day as it is scheduled to be celebrated. Many Israelis become very nervous during the last three feasts. Jesus attended and fulfilled the other six feasts on the day they were scheduled and all in the same year. With the child in the womb, it marks the development of its lungs. The commandment to build a personal Suckkot still exists. Some meals are eaten therein. Passages of the Hallel (Psa 113. 118) are recited.

The five books of he Torah are read and begun anew. Future role of the Feast: See Zech 12-14 regarding the plan of God: the final battle of the nations with all nations coming against Jerusalem, the Messiah will come (Zech 12.8). He will be proclaimed “King over all the earth” (Zech 14.9). The final ingathering of Israel and the gentiles occurs. Our worldly wanderings will end. Compare the teaching of Islam that the MAHDI (the twelfth Imam) who will be resurrected from a well as the world is thrown into chaos (Charles Manson’s “helter skelter”). Presently, President Ahmadinejad of Iran boasts of that time. Former Muslims say that Islam is working toward world domination with the teaching that Jesus will then yield to the Mahdi and proclaim him as the Messiah. Baloney! Questions and comments welcome. Rx for life: Take it seriously that the end is thus heralded.

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