You Are Chosen & Qualified


CHAPLAIN, I FEEL SO USELESS. I AM CONSTANTLY PUT DOWN, MADE FUN OF AND RIDICULED, MOCKED AND TOLD THAT I WILL NEVER AMOUNT TO ANYTHING WORTHWHILE, THAT NO NOTABLE SUCCESS IN ANY ENDEAVOR WILL BE ATTRIBUTED TO ME. I am unqualified, I am told. Even family members and friends, teachers, or employers do not encourage me. I feel like PRIVATE ZERO IN THE COMIC STRIP OF BEETLE BAILEY AND THE SARGE OR THE BORN LOSER IN THE ONE WITH THAT NAME, OR LIKE CHARLIE BROWN WHO NEVER WINS A BALL GAME. Someone wrote a song/hymn saying “Must I go and empty handed thus to meet my SAVIOR so, not one soul with which to greet HIM, must I empty handed go.?” Can not even ELOHIM (FATHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT) give me some good gift that will make me successful in life? Do you have some encouragement for one like me? Feckless one.

YES, FECKLESS ONE. ELOHIM CREATED EACH OF US WITH WHAT WE NEED TO SUCCEED ON LIFE’S JOURNEY. This morning I was watching Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. He is a motivator whose message today was about the very subject of one’s qualifications to be successful in life. I thrilled and rejoiced as I listened to his encouraging words. It was a message Par excellence which in essence said that ELOHIM equipped each of us with just what HE knew we need for our journey in life. I knew Joel was right in what he said.

ELOHIM knows the end from the beginning, Scripture tells us. His gifts and calling are sure. When Jesus sent HIS disciples on their journey of life as AMBASSADORS for HIM, HE did not have to equip them with more than they had. The rest would be supplied as they went. See Lk 10; Mt 10; and Mk 6. I have known men who could not read or write but who served with distinction in the military. One I remember was a sergeant who commanded troops in combat. I remember a boyhood friend who could not read or write. He was promoted “socially” through the grades. One day my sister who had heard that Kenneth was illiterate, sought to embarrass SEVEN EARL as we knew him, by asking him to spell “cat” which he did, asking “That’s right, isn’t it?” Yet, SEVEN EARL was called to be a minister of the GOSPEL. He did very well as I heard in later years.

Joel said that even if people say you are out, ELOHIM says you are in. If ELOHIM says I am righteous, then I am. I am a blessed believer, a mighty conqueror, I know that I am, I AM says I am. So are you. GOD has qualified you for your calling in life.

Rx for success: Believe the LORD and suck it up. Regardless of your sense of being a qualified agent, act like you know what you are doing. God who qualifies you believes in you. .


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Gloom & Despair / Agony On Me

DR., I have been experiencing a foreboding as if something sinister is imminent. Anything on your end? Gloomy one.

YES! Gloomy One and I do not think you and I are the only ones who have such a feeling. It is as though I have an anxious anticipation of an event that is about to take place. Recently, I experienced just a flash of an explosion in a city. I was not in the area of it, but it seemed to be real. My question is, “how am I to interpret what I saw?” I will be asking others if anything similar has occurred with them?

OTHER STUFF: Earlier this year I saw four angels in a twilight-like atmosphere while about to awake from sleep, or about to fall asleep…. I asked the fourth, who was in the form of a theretofore unknown man why he was there, but received no response, The other three were in the form of women who looked only at the area of my feet and seemed only to be observing me as if to assure themselves of whom I was. The man/angel made a sign in the American sign language of the deaf that was a sign signifying either Deity or honor, according to whether the letter he signed was an “h” meaning “honor” or “honored one.” Of course I cannot relate to being an honored one, so I have to leave the “angel appearances” with a questioning on my part of Why? But does it all tie together somehow, and if so, why me? I have experienced the working of angels as they acted in their “job description”, see in Heb 1.14.

THE ANGEL OF THE LORD GUARDS AND RESCUES ALL WHO REVERENCE HIM. SEE PSA. 34. 7. Whether wearing the uniform of one’s nation or of a Christian soldier wearing God’s armor: the helmet of salvation, from the breast plate of righteousness, the shield of faith, the shoes of a missionary and the belt of truth,,, heavenly angels are on alert to minister to and for us. God orders His angels to protect His redeemed ones wherever they go. They will steady them with their hands to keep them from stumbling against stones on the trail (Psa 91. 11). Therefore, need a Christian walk in fear and trepidation?

BIBLICAL ASSURANCE: SURELY GOD will do nothing without first telling His Prophets what He intends. See (Amos 3.7). Homer and Jethro wrote the song “Gloom, despair, and agony on me, deep dark depression, excessive misery; if not for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all; Gloom despair and agony on me.” Are we indeed being prepared for the anxious anticipation that many are feeling? Let the prophets report and then we must decide what response we must make, as the Fox News people say. Comments and discussion invited.




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